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How to gain more followers on Instagram!

How to gain more followers on Instagram!

This is my first post in the series and I will be talking about the basic working of Instagram and how general human behaviour works on this platform and most importantly how you can leverage that basic human instincts to your advantage to draw your target audience to your profile.

To reach our goal (which is to draw users) we need to understand how Instagram works. I will talk about 4 major things that we can do on instagram and how it affects user behaviour and your image on Instagram. These are as follow


One morning, you see a notification that someone followed you. Out of curiosity, you tend to look at the profile and you see that the following is way lower than the followers also, you find out that the person posts about delicious looking food and you are a foodie. If this happens you tend to follow them back. Now even if they unfollow you, you will still follow them because you love food and you can't afford to not see those delicious posts.


As soon as you follow that user who posts about food, there is a good chance that that user will unfollow you because he knows that you followed him because of the content that he posts on his profile. This will keep his following number in check and will make sure that other people who visits the profile thinks that people are following the account because of the good content and not just because he is following other users.


What will you do if some stranger likes a couple of your photos? Yes, you will go and look at the profile and once you open his profile, it's about the followers/following ratio and the content on the profile that makes you decide if you want to follow the user or not.


I can write the whole things again but you have the idea about how instagram works by now.

Alright, now that we know how human behaviour on Instagram works, we have to figure out the best way to utilise this knowledge to improve our follow back rate. Now, if we think about who will follow us back, one simple answer is that the person who is interested in our content will definitely follow us back. Okay, so the problem now is to identify the person who will like our content. This person in marketing terms is also called target user or target audience. The best and simple way to find this audience is to look for the profile which has content similar to yours. Let's say that you sell hats. The people who might be interested in your hats will be the ones who are already following some profile that posts about hats! Now all you have to do is start following, liking and commenting on followers of this account and the follow back rate for your profile will go high.

Doing this daily and regularly is a cumbersome task so as busy as you are doing what you do best, we worked on a product that automates these processes and gives an even better results and to learn more about it you can contact us here.

In further posts, I will be sharing some insights about the content and how it can help you to engage even more audience. If you have any questions or queries, please shoot away in the comment section below.

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