Rental Application Website and Admin Mobile Apps Design & Development

Rental Application Website and Admin Mobile Apps Design & Development

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Project - 

Aim of the project is to digitalis the current operational process for  Rental/lease & sales on web and Mobile platforms along with providing tools to assist in decision making within the organisation. 

An Overview function of the web and mobile apps are as follows

- User Management

- Customer Management

- Rental Management

- Vehicle  Management

- Invoicing

- Lease Management 

- Developing Notification channels for employees and customers

- Inspections

- Complete Vehicle related finance report

- Lease management


Estimated time - 4-6 weeks (Time may very based on requirment changes or does not include if any delay in response from customer end providing project related info)

Estimated Cost - 2300 CAD / approx 1800 USD

Payment Terms - 

Project initiation Cost - 1000 CAD / 767 USD

At  Web version Submission - 500 CAD / 383 USD

Complete project submission with Mobile Apps - 500 CAD / 383 USD

Full&Final after 10 days from the Project submission - 300 CAD / 230


Project Includes 3 Months after development support fro code and any operational assistance  for the project.

For any assistance please call -

Ashutosh Kainth (Project manger)


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